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"The West Sussex School Sport Partnerships, and those nationally, have made a significant contribution to the development of school sport, competition and physical education, which has had a very positive impact on the lives of many children and young people.

It is hoped that schools will wish to sustain the future of the School Sport Partnerships and competitions in a different form though direct funding to schools and they could commission support from WSCC or other agencies if needed. If the partnerships and competition network can continue in this way, the quality and quantity of school sport, competitions and pathways to be active beyond school could continue to be supported. This would help sustain the planned  sporting legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for children." (Peter Griffiths - Cabinet Member for Education and Schools and Lead Member for Children's Services WSCC)

"I was very disturbed to hear that the new coalition government had decided to withdraw its funding for the school sport partnership and wanted to express my full support for your appeal against this flawed decision.

The Cyber Coach is based on dance exercise to music and involves many features that relate directly to the modern world of video games and computers. There is no doubt that without the sports partnership network we would have been unable to develop this resource into schools in this country.

By providing choice and alternative PE and Sport the partnership has been able to deliver huge increases in the number of children who, every week, take active exercise." (Ron Jones - Cyber Coach)

"On behalf of the Bourne Locality (Primary and Secondary Schools in this area) I would like to express our thanks and appreciation for all the good work that you have done over the years and continue to do.  Without question the Sports Leaders, Festivals and Future Flyers have all had a major impact on sport in our schools and we share a huge concern that these may disappear as part of the new Government cutbacks." (Margaret Eva OBE - Headteacher at Bourne Community College)

"My daughter Emily is from West Dean CE Primary School. She has competed in the Oakland Park Cross Country West Sussex West School Partnership Events and came first in the last two years. Because of this, she joined Chichester runners a year ago and has started to compete in other events. Without the encouragement of her super teacher (Justin Murray) and these competitive events, she may not have developed an interest in running." (Parent from West Dean CE Primary School)

"I have enjoyed encouraging young children to participate in various sporting activities, supporting the sport teachers themselves and have learnt an abundance of useful skills myself. I feel it would be tragic for others to not have the same oppurtunities I have had. I also think that all the work the SSP do is fundamental to making school sport what it is and without them I'm sure children would not enjoy PE as much or be as actively involved in it, which would be a great shame." (Pete Hopkins - Young Ambassador at Bishop Luffa CE School)

"Should SSP's cease to exist I feel this would have a negative impact upon the development of Rugby within this area. This is due to the number of Festivals/Tournaments/Teacher Training events that currently take place, which are currently supported by the SSP team, including SSCos and PLTs. Taking this support network away would make it very difficult for such events to run, and therefore would result in less children being able to take part in Rugby at a school level. Due to this possibly drop in numbers within the education sector, I believe it will have a knock on effect for Rugby Clubs as they may well lose their school-club links, which are important in assisting the transition between school and Club Rugby." (Mike Marsh - Community Rugby Coach, South West Sussex)

"We are extremely proud to be part of the School Sport Partnership and are very disappointed that the government has decided to withdraw funding for this initiative. The children have loved participating in all the sporting events organised by the S.S.Co's and PLT's. I have always been impressed with the young leaders programmes and how these have supported both secondary and primary school pupils in meeting the Every Child's Matter Agenda of 'Making a Positive Contribution.' The Future Flyers programme has certainly been a great success, enhancing the provision for those Gifted and Talented at sport. The Partnership has always sought to bring sport to all with the emphasis being on encouraging each child to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle. I hope your campaign to continue is successful." (Dean Clegg - Headteacher at Thorney Island Primary School)

“I am absolutely devasted to hear of the cuts to the School Sport Partnership models.  I am astounded that such an amazing world leading initiative has been lost to the communities they serviced.”  (Wenda Donaldson, Director of Community Sport, Australian Sports Commission)

“Four years ago Badminton England instigated a national schools championships.  It started with 300 secondary age young people.  Through our work with the SSPs, this figure has increased to 23,000 with 96% of all secondary schools in England now playing badminton.  A remarkable achievement that would not have been possible without the SSP network.” (Adrian Christy, CEA Badminton England)

“The whole School Sport Partnership network is committed to increasing competition.  However it is also committed to ensuring that those young people who do not enjoy team sports are provided with opportunities to engage in an activity that they can pursue throughout their lifetime. “ (Baroness Sue Campbell, Chair of the Youth Sport Trust)

“The Health Services depend on schools as a setting for promoting health and the part that both Healthy Schools and the School Sports Partnership has played in developing effective interventions is paramount.  West Sussex Healthy School Programme has worked with all maintained schools in the county at many levels in terms of promoting health, focusing on Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

Where schools have been actively involved with the School Sport Partnership we have seen an increase in positive participation not only in PE and Sport but also in the way the whole school understands the benefits of physical activity and the way in which it is promoted sometimes with very innovative, needs led interventions.  In addition the Partnership Development Manager has contributed to the quality assurance process for the Healthy School Programme.  I hope to be able to continue to work closely with you all in the future.” (Maggie South – West Sussex Healthy School Programme Co-ordinator)

 “Inspire Leisure was extremely disappointed to hear the news of the cuts to the SSP.  The work that has taken place over the past 7 years has been truly phenomenal.  Never before has physical activity and sport being so popular within our young people and we are starting to see them choosing sport as a lifestyle choice, rather than something forced upon them.  This has never been more crucial when we see frightening national obesity levels and the cost to the NHS rising everyday!

Your support in helping us with school to club links, providing after school club opportunities, working with disabled children, delivering Sports Unlimited and supporting talented athletes has been invaluable.   

As a Leisure Trust with a commitment to the community we are afraid of what the future would hold in terms of PE and School Sport should the SSP framework not be in place  and we fully support your endeavour to sustain the system.”  (Carrie Reynolds – On behalf of Inspire Leisure Trust)

"I regularly visit schools and see the most talented children now getting the support they need to be future champions.  I see some of the most troubled teenagers having their lives transformed through sport.  To cut funding now when such incredible results are being achieved is beyond belief." (Darren Campbell - Olympic Gold Medalist 2004)

“I note Michael Gove’s comments that the Department is entrusting the school sport partnerships to schools themselves, and sincerely hope that local schools can be persuaded of the benefit of investing in the SSP.    I have been a governor of both Walberton & Binsted Primary School and Westergate Community School, and in that capacity have seen the difference that the work of the SSP has made to children at all ages from 5 -16. (The increase in the percentage of KS1 children taking part in 2 hours of PE a week alone is testament to that.)  

As a parent I have also seen all my children benefit; taking part in intra and inter school competition and the Sports Leadership programme.  I genuinely feel that future school children will be missing out, and their education lacking, if they don’t have access to these competitions, coaches, equipment and other resources that the SSP provides." (Parent and former school Governor at Westergate Community School and Walberton CE Primary School)

"From now until 2012, school sport needs cross-party support for a legacy creation from 2012.  We have a different economic climate, but the delivery of School Sport Partnerships cannot be questioned.  The concerns going forward are around primary schools, and those schools without specialist PE teachers have really felt the benefits of co-ordinators." (Steve Grainger - Chief Executive of the Youth Sport Trust)


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