Yr5/6 SSP Small Schools + B/C FootballClose Window

Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


This competition is an SSP wide event and is available to any school. Schools will be invoiced by the SSP for the attendance of this event at the end of term. Any school with a package receives the SSP rate:  x1 team=£50, x2 teams=£75, x3 teams = £100.

Non package schools: 1 team= £100, 2 teams= £125, 3 teams= £150

This is torunament is designed for “small schools” . A small school classed as have fewer than 100 KS2 children on roll and no more than 30 children in year 6. However to increase the quality of the event their will spaces available for B/C teams depending the six of your school. targetting your lower ability upils. e.g. large schools a C team.

It is 7 a-side squad of 10.