Quick Sticks Hockey Festival

Quick Sticks Hockey Festival

On the 7th December the Year 9 Regis School Sports Leaders planned and ran a Quick Sticks hockey festival for 10 of the Chichester Area Primary Schools; Parklands Community Primary School, Jessie Younghusband, North Mundham, West Dean CofE, March CofE, Lavant CofE, Birdham CofE, Tangmere Academy, Fishbourne CofE, Chichester Free School.

The festival consisted of the sports leaders providing a 1 hour training session for the attendees which they had prepared and planned during their spare time. For the training sessions the players were put into mixed school teams to promote teamwork and to provide the opportunity to build new friendships. Although initially timid, the players then gained confidence and worked extremely well in their new teams, where some players helped others if they did not understand the task.

The Sports Leaders showcased strong leadership and resilience after having to alter their plans close to the start time because a few leaders were unable to attend the event. They also demonstrated outstanding adaptability throughout as there was a clear mix of abilities of the players therefore they had to increase and decrease the difficulty of the activities accordingly.

Following the 1 hour training session the primary school children then took part in a few friendly games against the other schools. The matches were not scored as the focus was less on winning but more on using the skills they had learned and practiced in the training drills into gameplay. The schoolchildren were a credit to themselves and their schools, they fully engaged with each task that was set to them and from the smiling faces it seemed they enjoyed it too!

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