Yr 3/4 School Games Tri Golf

On Wednesday the 9th May, 150 children, from 12 different schools, took part in the School Games Tri Golf competition for school years 3 to 4. The event took place at Chichester Golf club which created a very professional atmosphere for the children, the majority of whom were being introduced to golf for the first time at the competition besides a few practices at their school (assuming they practised at all). The afternoon consisted of a ‘carousel’ of activities. There was a total of 8 activities that each child was able to participate in and each activity targeted different golf skills. To ensure fairness the children were allocated time to practice before the official scoring began, this way if children hadn’t practised prior to the event they were still given an opportunity. The explanations, demonstrations and scoring of the stations were all conducted by The Regis School Youth Sports Leaders who led with confidence and executed a professional delivery to a standard that well exceeded the normal expectations of leaders of their age. A special thank you to those leaders, without them the day would not have been able to take place!

Due to the sheer volume of children participating this year the afternoon was split with half of the schools starting on the activity carousel and the other half relaxing and warming up on the adventure golf course. The adventure golf course is a great addition to the day as it provides another fun way to introduce children to golf skills without the pressures of the competition. It also provides lots of fun obstacles for the children to overcome such as the pulley across the lake. All the while they are accompanied by various animal animatronics that chatter and jest along the way.

Once every school had completed the activities the scores were totalled to find the overall winner. In 3rd place was Edward Bryant team 1, in 2nd place was Downview primary and in 1st place, progressing onto the Sussex School Games is Southway primary. Huge congratulations to all those who took part, we found it an enjoyable day and hope that you did too!

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